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Dig Deeper into Your Experiments with Better Reporting

“So…what exactly moved the needle?” Everyone who’s ever run a multivariate test has likely been asked this question by senior management and struggled to give a firm answer. That’s because multivariate testing (MVT), by design, introduces so many variants of each element being tested that it’s nearly impossible to discern which variants actually made a…

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A Fork in the Road: The Key Decision Grocery Stores and Restaurants Need to Make Now to Thrive After the Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic upending nearly every aspect of daily life, the world of grocery stores, restaurants, and cafes has also shifted dramatically. As “stay-at-home” restrictions continue, consumers have turned in record numbers to delivery services to get the food they want.  Some food and beverage industry titans like Walmart, Whole Foods, and Chipotle, have…


Optimization On Demand: Why Communications and Media Service Providers Need to Optimize the Entire Digital Experience

Change is nothing new in the world of communications and media providers. Once limited to telephones and cable TV, the industry has shifted toward offering a variety of digital services over the last few decades, from widespread broadband and cellular access to new streaming platforms.  And of course, consumer expectations have changed dramatically: people now…


Perfecting the Digital Customer Experience Just Became Easier: Introducing the New Evolv Manager

At Evolv, we’re passionate about helping companies grow by perfecting their digital customer experience. Evolv’s powerful machine learning and automation helps our customers experiment with all of their ideas, everywhere, all the time.  Perfecting the customer experience requires the ability to run a sophisticated experimentation program, which demands a robust solution to manage all of…

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5 Things You Need to Know to Build Trust With Your Customers

Trust. It’s the hardest thing to build and the easiest thing to lose. Companies are always looking for new ways to build trust with their customers, but what does a winning strategy actually look like? The answer to this question isn’t all that simple. For many companies, building trust requires understanding the needs of your…


Happy Anniversary, Evolv!

Evolv’s CEO, Michael Scharff, sent this email out to the Evolv team earlier this week. Hello team, Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the launch of Evolv Technologies! I think it’s pretty safe to say the world has changed a lot since March 22, 2019. What hasn’t changed however is what an amazing team…


Our Three Key Takeaways from eTail West

We recently had the privilege of sponsoring eTail West 2020 in sunny Palm Desert, CA. Since 1999, eTail has been a destination for ecommerce retailers eager to learn about the latest trends and innovations around customer experience, growth marketing, merchandising, and more. The Evolv team never passes up an opportunity to get face time with…


5 Things to Consider Before You Start Experimenting Across the Full Funnel

What is your company’s approach to conversion rate optimization? Maybe you’re like most — running a few ineffective tests that start and stop and produce forgettable results. Sure, you may have determined that the blue button is better, but what value is that information actually providing? Here’s the honest truth. Traditional testing just isn’t good…


5 Ways to Reduce Anxiety When Designing Online Experiences

Online experiences are everything today. Your customers are interacting with your brand across several channels. Whether it’s through your website, social media, third party partners, email marketing, or paid advertisements, the digital experience you offer needs to be flawless. But all of this constant, on-demand marketing has come at a price. Customers expect only the…


We’ve Created a New Ebook Just for Ecommerce Retailers

The retail landscape is constantly evolving. And with increased competition on all fronts, digital experiences matter more than ever today. The largest brands are heavily investing in creating frictionless user experiences that streamline every aspect of the customer journey. Many ecommerce companies know they need to improve the digital experience they offer, yet they find…

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