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New Features Available on Evolv Platform

Following the release of the new Evolv Manager, we’ve been updating the application with new features, now available in the latest release. Below is a description of some of the new capabilities we are most excited about. Note that none of these features are available on the legacy Ascend Classic platform, which some of our…


Coming Soon: New Features Available Only on the Re-Architected Evolv Platform

The Evolv Manager, which we announced last month, is the foundation for two new features we’re announcing today: Continuous Optimization and Experience Accelerator. Both are available as part of an early adopter program and are described in more detail below. If you’re a current Evolv customer interested in these new capabilities, please contact us to…


Dig Deeper into Your Experiments with Better Reporting

“So…what exactly moved the needle?” Everyone who’s ever run a multivariate test has likely been asked this question by senior management and struggled to give a firm answer. That’s because multivariate testing (MVT), by design, introduces so many variants of each element being tested that it’s nearly impossible to discern which variants actually made a…


AI 101: Intro to Evolutionary Algorithms

Evolutionary algorithms (EA) are becoming increasingly relevant in today’s world as AI-backed solutions are becoming more widely used in industries like digital marketing, finance, and healthcare. But what exactly are evolutionary algorithms and how are they different from other forms of AI? This article will provide a break down of evolutionary of algorithms for those…

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