Case Study: Clicksco

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The Partner

Clicksco is a global marketing technology business with one focus—to make websites more profitable. They offer data, advertiser and publisher solutions, all powered by a DMP processing over 400 data points per second, connected to most global demand and supply media platforms via API. Clicksco are practitioners in the space, with over 50 owned and operated sites and brands in retail, travel, finance, health and autos, but they also offer their technology stack to third parties to help them drive more profitable digital activity from their sites.

The Challenge

Clicksco is responsible for a lot of web real estate. Their sites span a variety of complicated, competitive industries. And while Clicksco had done their fair share of A/B testing in the past, those tests weren’t progressing as fast as they needed them to. Not to mention that administration was a real pain.

“We’ve got great people here who do great work,” said Paddy Johnson, Director of Group Creative & Optimization. “But we also have a lot of content to manage, which means a lot of content to test. We needed a tool that would let us try all the ideas we had but with less administration time and far less time waiting for statistical significance. We found that in Evolv.”

The Tests

Clicksco tested tons of ideas covering millions of possible combinations over dozens of their web properties. They looked at button color, ad banners, CSS changes, titles, element removals, and a whole lot more. They understood the promise of Evolv—testing more ideas, faster—and they leveraged it aggressively.

A typical example? Clicksco ran an Evolv experiment on, a price comparison site they operate. They tested a handful of tweaks on their button styling—including color, shape, and typography—as well as link color on top of their page. They found a 2.5% conversion increase in a month and a half.

The Results

Since Clicksco ran many concurrent experiments, their results certainly varied. But on average, they tested into a 1.75% average conversion increase. Some sites saw conversions jump by 17.9%, while others saw more modest gains. For their performance marketing business—meaning sites they don’t own and operate, but sites they market for other companies—this ability to optimize smartly is a real competitive advantage.

Did every test produce a gigantic winner? Of course not. Clicksco’s been testing smart ideas for a long time and nobody bats 1.000. But most of their tests increased conversions and those learnings will inform their next round of tests. Speaking of which:

What’s Next

Clicksco plans to leverage the design and layout successes they’ve had on more of their web properties. Past that, a lot of Clicksco’s properties are worldwide and there’s an added challenge for them in creating tests in foreign languages on the sites that qualify. Thankfully, with Evolv, they’ll be able to. “Every single conversion we get goes to our bottom line,” said Paddy Johnson. “And having a tool that lets us test all our properties in a single place, and test more of our ideas, faster, means that our bottom line grows more quickly. What business wouldn’t want that?”

Beyond their own network, Clicksco is also looking to help their marketing services clients leverage the power of the Evolv platform—and work with them on best practices. Pete Danks, CMO, says “we are always looking to make sure our clients have access to the best in class tools and technology to increase profitability, both proprietary and third party—Evolv is perfect example of third-party technology that really drives results.”

By The Numbers

Clicksco tried tons of smart ideas across dozens of their web properties, testing over a thousand possible designs in all. Here’s a high-level look at their results:


different sites tested


candidates tested


more conversions for best test


more conversions across all sites

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