Case Study: Innogy

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The Customer

Innogy is a leading, multi-billion dollar energy company with over 40,000 employees in nearly 20 countries across Europe, North America, and Australia.

A subsidiary of Innogy, is an energy company based out of the Netherlands. distributes electricity and gas services to residential and business clients, offering affordable and environmentally friendly energy as well as insulation services and solar panel installation.

With, Innogy is actively working to decarbonize electricity production in Europe through innovative wind and solar energy initiatives that improve the user experience across all of the company’s brands. The company identified Evolv as a cutting-edge customer experience optimization platform that could use to drive its internal initiatives to achieve its goal of developing cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.

The Challenge

Gas and electricity prices are constantly fluctuating.’s website allows potential clients to purchase energy entirely online through the website’s homepage and specific service pages. Customers must manually input their location, electricity needs in kilowatt-hours, and gasoline requirements in cubic meters. The website then calculates the best offer available for those parameters before sending the visitor to the signup page to place the final order.

"We wanted to experiment across several specific variants at once and knew that traditional A/B testing was too slow and may not deliver winning results. Evolv provided us with an agile AI-based experimentation solution that allowed us to accelerate growth and scale our experimentation program with more velocity and accuracy than what was offered by other solutions on the market."

— Kuldip Singh, Digital & Data Director Retail International, Innogy SE wanted to maximize the percentage of visitors who would manually place an order for the service on their checkout page. The company wanted to find a way to reduce customer drop-off at the checkout page. was interested in efficiently determining how various changes to the design of the webpage could impact the customer experience while improving conversion rates by asking the following questions:

  • How will experimenting with the wording of the webpage’s text encourage more visitors to finalize a sale?
  • Does placing certain page components in different locations impact conversion rates?
  • Should specific elements be swapped out entirely?
  • How do the individual changes best combine to create a winning candidate? wanted to experiment across all of these changes—a total of over 250 combinations, in fact—but the conventional A/B testing methodology and tools available were not appropriate for the scale of experimentation the organization wanted to undertake. The company needed to find a tool that could effectively experiment with all the combinations required, analyze the results, implement changes in real time, and efficiently determine the best performing combinations to accelerate growth.

The Solution selected Evolv to deliver a modern, flexible, and versatile solution that could both validate the many individual elements the energy company wanted to experiment with, and determine the best combination of those individual changes to achieve the best aggregate result.

Using different combinations of suggested changes and its machine learning-driven approach, Evolv helped the team experiment and explore across nine variations and seven individual page elements across three different key pages.’s original website was used as the control to analyze the effectiveness of the candidates.

The company wanted to identify successful combinations that were able to:

  • Achieve the best performance relative to the control value
  • Increase traffic and sales
  • Replicate the same success experienced in the experiment when applied to the live version of the website

"Our digital team managed to set-up Evolv on our website in a short time. And even faster, we started the first test variations based on our ideas and hypothesis. The test went very well and we were surprised by the first results, leading to a great uplift in our conversion rate. 80% of our conversion rate optimization tests are now served through Evolv, which enables us to improve our sales funnel based on customer response bit by bit. To manage our success, we drive this through a quarterly roadmap to keep ahead of the game."

— Rob van de Wiel, Sr. ePerformance specialist, Innogy SE

The underlying technology used by Evolv streamlines the most difficult aspect of candidate experimentation: comparing the performance of individual changes in the context of the other components on the webpage.

The Results

Over 2.5 months, the experiment managed to reach over 230,000 visitors, and the top performers increased the company’s conversion rates by 29%.

According to the results, the strongest contributing changes were changing form fields and content placement. Other impactful changes that helped the company achieve meaningful impact included amending headers, altering taglines, swapping the background images, and changing the calls to action (CTAs) of buttons.

The measurable increases to’s conversion rates proved that the experiment was a success and provided the company with actionable data that they plan to integrate into future updates and future marketing campaigns.


Some of the changes that resulted in higher performance on this page included dropping the marketing header image and changing the CTA text.

Next Steps plans to use the data it gathered to influence future experimentation and optimization strategies and to improve its conversion rate optimization efforts further. In pursuit of its goal to decarbonize energy production in Europe, Innogy SE is exploring rolling out Evolv across other parts of its organization in light of Evolv’s fast and efficient method for optimizing key website funnels.

By The Numbers’s goal is to cost-effectively find the best performing customer experience to accelerate growth.


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uplift from the best design

"At there is never a shortage of ideas on how to improve the customer experience, but because of limited capacity and a fast-moving market we had to discard some ideas before they could even be tested. With Evolv’s smarter way of testing we can test more and deliver optimizations back into production much faster, pushing our funnels to reach their maximum potential at all times."

– Karlien Wolters
Head of Digital Performance, Innogy SE

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