Evolv Machine Learning

Identify winning combinations of ideas at scale to accelerate revenue growth.

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Explore ideas individually and in combination at scale.

Evolv Machine Learning curates and assesses all ideas and combinations at two orders of magnitude greater than traditional testing. It automatically learns what makes for a successful experience, creating entirely new ideas using successful elements and combinations.


Predict performance and route traffic to winning combinations.

Evolv Machine Learning intelligently sends traffic to only the experiences with the highest probability to succeed — efficiently leveraging high-cost, valuable user traffic — to hit your conversion goals and realize immediate ROI.

Learn from prior experiences.

Evolv Machine Learning learns and remembers which ideas and combinations of ideas perform the best. Evolv Machine Learning uses these data-driven insights to algorithmically combine ideas, improving results over time even as conditions change.


How It Works


Evolv's machine learning technology makes inefficient start-and-stop testing a thing of the past. Learn more about continuous optimization with Evolv.

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