Announcing Sentient Ascend – Evolutionary AI Reinvents Conversion Rate Optimization

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Announcing Sentient Ascend – Evolutionary AI Reinvents Conversion Rate Optimization

Marketers can now test new website improvements 10-100X faster than existing A/B and multivariate testing solutions, increasing revenue and lead flow

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – September 13, 2016 – Sentient Technologies, the world’s leader in distributed artificial intelligence (AI), today announced Sentient Ascend, the first conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution that uses AI to evolve winning designs for online marketers. Improving testing speeds by as much as 100 times or more over current A/B and multivariate testing solutions, Ascend gives marketers the freedom to try many more copy, image, design and interaction changes to accelerate the path to increased revenues and conversions.

Existing A/B testing tools can only evaluate the impact of one marketing idea at a time and require substantial traffic to achieve a result, and existing multivariate testing solutions require even more traffic to test a limited number of changes. With Ascend, marketers can test dozens of ideas simultaneously, and the AI determines not only which individual changes are helpful, but also which combination of changes achieves the best results. Some early Ascend customers are testing millions of potential design combinations at once.  Ascend is able to achieve this by relying on a type of AI that uses evolutionary computation on a massive scale to quickly and efficiently determine the best design with statistical accuracy, without having to test each individual combination.

In one example, Classic Car Liquidators used Ascend to find the best design for its affiliate revenue program, testing copy, layout, format and image changes of multiple items. The total number of potential designs was 28,800. Ascend determined the best option in only three weeks, and 40,000 visitors, lifting performance by 557%.

Sentient Ascend AI-powered conversion rate optimization

“Sentient is bringing to market a disruptive product that can easily be described as a modern marketing director’s dream,” said Courtney Connell, marketing director for Cosabella, another Ascend customer. “Their CRO platform is allowing us to test all variables at once without human intervention, fear of contamination or traditional timelines. I see this type of solution sending tremors throughout the entire industry and ultimately shifting all conversion related benchmarks into hyper-drive.”


Quickly and easily set up massively multivariate tests, across both single- and multi-page funnels. Change basic elements like copy, type formats, colors, and images, and also set up more complex page changes such as new HTML code or custom JQuery.

Massively Multivariate, Multipage Testing Within Reach

Ascend is pioneering a new type of testing called massively multivariate testing. Until now, testing this many changes has been out of reach for many companies–the existing solutions are too slow and require too much traffic, and can only cope with testing a handful of potential designs.

“It’s an open secret in testing circles that you often don’t know what variables really make a difference until you test them,” said Eric Rachal, CEO of MXToolbox. “Often times, your results are really counter-intuitive. What I love about Ascend is I don’t have to prioritize. Instead of testing one of my ideas, I can test all of them at once — more shots on goal, as it were.”

Another difference Ascend offers marketers is the ability to test changes across an entire sales funnel, across multiple pages, as a single test. Sentient customer ShopFlyPolar and their conversion agency Condorly leveraged this capability to increase both conversions and average order value.

More Marketing, Less Administration

Ascend’s AI automates testing end-to-end, evaluating multiple creative changes, managing the evolution of tests, and interpreting the results, allowing marketing teams to focus on what ideas to try instead and avoid time-consuming test administration. Ascend also lowers the cost of testing programs, as the AI handles the statistical calculations, allowing companies to deploy their data science resources on other projects.

“We’re entering into an era of intelligent commerce, where companies need smarter solutions to increase conversations across the entire user journey, from first click to checkout,” said Andy Narayanan, Vice President of Intelligent Commerce at Sentient. “Sentient Ascend is testing as it should be – simple, fast and efficient with no need to call on data scientists to interpret results.”

AI That Breeds Intelligent Designs

Ascend uses a branch of artificial intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, that mimics biological evolution, allowing it to change, combine, and mutate variables and maximize “fitness” based on whatever metrics are most important to its user, be it leads, revenue, conversions, or any other business-critical measure. Ascends tests continuously, optimizes in real-time, and arrives at winning designs in far less time than market-leading CRO solutions. To learn more about how Sentient Ascend works, read our blog post.

Sentient Ascend joins Sentient Aware as part of Sentient Technologies Intelligent Commerce offerings, transforming how businesses can gain a competitive edge with AI.