Digital Operative Partners with Sentient Technologies to Provide AI-Powered Testing and Optimization using Sentient Ascend™

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Digital Operative Partners with Sentient Technologies to Provide AI-Powered Testing and Optimization using Sentient Ascend™

SAN DIEGO and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 08, 2017: Full-service digital agency, Digital Operative, specializes in growing ecommerce revenue for its customers through award-winning website design, digital marketing, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and technology. By partnering with Sentient Technologies, Digital Operative can now offer its customers, Sentient Ascend, an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered CRO solution that allows customers to compress test cycles from as much as a year into a few weeks while seeing conversion gains of up to 40 percent. The two companies will work together to optimize ecommerce experiences using Ascend for brands seeking a scalable, high-growth solution.

“We are excited to be working with Digital Operative, an innovative, forward-thinking digital agency that understands the value of AI and what it can bring to the marketing mix,” said Gurmeet Lamba, chief operating officer at Sentient Technologies and general manager of Sentient Ascend. “Ascend acts as a force multiplier and accelerator for the strategies that experts like Digital Operative create, and by working together, we can deliver faster growth for ecommerce companies.”

With the addition of Ascend to its suite of strategic partners, Digital Operative is now able to implement AI-based CRO tests, an alternative to A/B and multivariate solutions, which will facilitate increased revenue and conversions for clients. Ascend allows marketers to test multiple different hypotheses on a website, from small changes like the color of a button to large-scale design and User Experience (UX) modifications, and Ascend’s AI evolves the optimal combination of those modifications to achieve the best conversion and revenue results. Features of Ascend include:

  • The ability to set up multiple experiments at once
  • Single page or multiple page testing options
  • Single page application support
  • The ability to test dozens of ideas, and thousands or even millions of page designs, over a short period of time
  • The discovery of unexpected interactions between elements based on AI, and not on human intellect

For example, Ascend may find that a button needs to be green, but only when it is transparent and the header is in small font. These interactions often exist and can be very difficult to find, but Ascend makes the discovery process automatic.

“To say we are excited to leverage this new technology is a bit of an understatement,” said BJ Cook, CEO and Co-Founder of Digital Operative. “With the addition of Sentient’s AI-powered CRO platform, our testing process just got faster and more sophisticated. We are excited to use this technology and partnership to continue to help ecommerce brands increase revenue and grow their business.”