Sentient Announces Leading Brands Making the Move from A/B to A.I.

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Sentient Announces Leading Brands Making the Move from A/B to A.I.

Companies using Sentient Ascend include The Cellular Connection, Cosabella and ABUV Media; all report significant conversion gains up to 100x faster than existing A/B and multivariate solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – March 20, 2017 – Sentient Technologies, the world leader in distributed artificial intelligence (AI), today announced that Sentient Ascend, its AI-powered conversion rate optimization (CRO) solution, has attracted a host of major new customers, expanded its feature set, and officially launched its partner program.

With Ascend as part of their toolkit, marketers can carry out new website experiments 10–100X faster than existing A/B and multivariate testing solutions, increasing revenue and lead flow. And because they can test at greater speed, marketers have additional time and freedom to try many more copy, image, design and interaction changes to accelerate the path to increased revenues and conversions.

Companies across a variety of industries—including education, ecommerce, apparel, and telecom—are turning to Ascend to boost their conversion rates. With AI, they’re seeing velocity and performance that was impossible with traditional A/B testing tools:

  • The Cellular Connection (TCC), one of the largest wireless retailers in the US, with over 1,000 locations, is using Ascend to drive the download of online coupons that bring customers into one of their stores to purchase mobile phones, services, and accessories.

    “In just three weeks of testing we saw a 33% increase in coupon sign-up rate”, said Jeff Barger, Demand Generation Manager at The Cellular Connection. “And that was remarkable as we hadn’t come anywhere close to this with A/B testing tools. We were also able to optimize across multiple pages and across our entire coupon funnel which was an added bonus.”

  • Clicksco Group, a multi-million dollar marketing services group specializing in customer acquisition, conversion and content monetization, is using Ascend to radically increase its testing capacity and velocity across the many sites it operates for the company and its partners.

    “In the world of lead generation and performance marketing, increasing conversion rates on your traffic goes straight to the bottom line”, said Jay Bhojani, Chief Revenue Officer at Clicksco. “We already excel at A/B and multivariate testing, but with Ascend, we’ve been able to increase our conversion rates—and our financial services partners’ conversion rates—by 5% to 30% or more in just a couple of months. And we expect even more gains over time.”

  • Nexway, a global e-commerce provider for the software and digital service industry, with clients such as Kaspersky Labs and Avast, is now offering Ascend to their clients.

    “By incorporating Ascend into our white label Merchant of Record service, our customers are able to offer a more streamlined purchase experience that is more enjoyable to shoppers,” said Nexway Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gilles Ridel. “One of our key customers has already seen a 17% conversion rate increase.”

  • ABUV Media, a digital media company that publishes websites to help people make more informed decisions about their educational, career, and personal financial futures, is using Ascend to drive consumer leads for their advertising clients.

    “Ascend opened up whole new avenues of testing for us,” said Danny Gonzalez, Director of Conversation Rate Optimization, ABUV Media. “We were able to try basically every message and color on a simple form widget instead of just a couple. In other words, 380,000 versus two or three combinations. That let us find a winning design we simply never would have tried—the pink background was a real surprise—and so was the 45% lift in conversions in less than two months.”

  • Cosabella, a family-owned lingerie company carried in luxury department stores including Neiman Marcus and Selfridges, used Ascend for its online store to test header, button color, image size and CTA placement. In just seven weeks, they saw a 38% increase in conversions.

    “Ascend let us increase our testing velocity and get some really promising results. The first test alone made me a believer,” said Courtney Connell, Marketing Director, Cosabella. “We also discovered that our family-owned brand resonated better than free shipping, a message we decided to carry over to in-store packaging.”

New Ascend Features

Sentient Ascend offers a new streamlined workflow, with clearer UI, the ability to set up multiple experiments at once, a new ‘Editor’ view and a simplified way to add and create multipage funnels.

  • Experiments view now lets users see past, live and draft experiments in a single view. This makes it easier to see, edit, and create many experiments at a time and allows users to carry over winning candidates to new experiments.
  • Editor view now offers a much simpler way for users to add variations to multiple pages in their funnel, as well as preview what ‘evolution’ will look like, and use existing browser cookies to make changes to pages much deeper in a customer’s website.

For more information about these new features read our blog.

Sentient Ascend Partner Program

Sentient’s new Ascend Partner Program has been created in order to help companies that need additional strategy or execution support in either designing or setting up new experiments powered by Ascend. This global network of 16 companies are experts in conversion with core competencies in testing using AI. They help to deploy Ascend to any company looking to increase leads, sales, conversions or other defined KPIs. Partners include: Condorly, Conversion Kings, Conversion Science, Conversion Uplift,, Conversionista!, ConversionXL, CROMetrics, Disruptive Advertising, GrayMatter, Neway, Online Dialogue, Outfox, Phoebus G Consulting, SplitBase, and Venture Aviators.