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White Paper:
How to Measure Element Importance in Website Testing

Knowledge is Power

Every alteration to your website—be it design, layout, content, or color—can have a profound effect on your user experience, and therefore your conversion rate. Often times website managers won’t know which element has the biggest impact on conversions until they’ve run the experiment.

As an innovative AI-powered website optimization platform dedicated to transparency, Sentient Ascend gives its users an insight to which of their website elements have the greatest impact on their conversions. This white paper takes a deeper dive into the science behind measuring which website element has the largest impact on conversions. Remember—even the smallest difference in conversion could mean millions of dollars in revenue.

In this paper you will learn:

  • How we determine the importance of each website element that could be tested in an experiment
  • How we use data to predict each element’s impact on conversions
  • How our platform can reveal to marketers which specific website change impacted their success
  • How even the smallest change in conversions can result in large gains or losses in online revenue

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