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White Paper:
Evolutionary Algorithms for Website Optimization

How Natural Selection Can Boost Conversion Rates

Here at Sentient, we believe in being open and transparent with our customers. For this reason, we’ve decided to lift the veil on the inner workings of our AI-powered optimization tool and provide a breakdown of how we use evolutionary computation to increase conversion rates on websites.

Like living things, websites can also be bred and evolved to their strongest, most optimal form with all the right features to ensures their success. Using processes akin to natural selection such as survival of the fittest, mutation, and crossover, Sentient Ascend finds the most optimal website version for your conversion goals.

In this paper you will learn:

  • The basics of website testing and evolutionary algorithms
  • How website “genetics” can be evolved, combined, or bred out
  • The relationship between search space, population size, and testing method
  • How evolutionary computation can help you achieve your conversion goals

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