Evolv Digital Growth Optimization Solution

Digital leaders rely on us to define their digital experience strategy, identify UX improvement ideas, and leverage our proprietary AI technology to confidently achieve their growth goals

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Developed To Get You Optimizing and Growing Quickly

We partner closely with our clients to ensure success. Our platform is easy to implement into existing environments and starts delivering results immediately. Each solution is carefully developed to deliver sustainable sales growth and meet each client’s unique KPIs using the following pillars:



Evolv’s growth team works with your business leaders to find opportunities to improve the performance of your digital experience.


Evolv develops ideas at AI scale, designed to improve online sales by inspiring action and reducing friction in your customer journey.



Evolv’s AI technology evaluates thousands of user experiences and finds winners that humans would never have even tested.

The testing Industrial Complex

With digital channels expected to be the growth engines for business, digital leaders are turning to their proven approach.

We call it the testing industrial complex, comprising the testing tools, conversion “experts,” and experimentation teams that love them.

But that approach does not work—

  • It has not gotten more customers to hit the buy button. 
  • It has not made it easier to forecast reliably.
  • It has not changed the equation for return on ad spend.

The testing industrial complex has burned through billions of dollars but conversion rates are not budging. The fact is that you are never going to hit growing revenue targets by doing more of the same.

Evolv offers a new approach, powered by AI

How Evolv Works

Our solution is all about serving the best digital experience to each audience, every time.



We build the optimization strategy and the roadmap.

The primary KPI we typically optimize for is sales or revenue. Our growth team focuses on reducing friction and inspiring action.

We look for high drop-off rates and metrics such as shopping cart abandonment. We establish the initial strategy for driving sales.



We then define a search space of high impact ideas at AI scale. We use our own user experience (UX) research to identify areas for improvement. This results in a number of changes and multiple variations for each change.

We also look at the combinations of these ideas resulting in a search space of tens of thousands of different experiences. That is what we mean by ideation at AI scale.

We are including possibilities you would never explore with traditional methods, because you would not waste time and traffic on a test to explore them.



Evolv uses an active learning approach to predict which experiences to serve to make efficient use of time and traffic. The system uses actual customer behavior to train the machine learning model. 

We can also predict how new combinations of ideas will perform. That allows us to make incredibly efficient use of time and traffic to the point where we are serving the best combination of experiences.

We call this approach “active learning” which reacts to the customer’s feedback in real-time, to home in on the best performer.


Achieving Results

Results happen quickly even as the AI engine continues to learn and improve with each visitor. 

By serving progressively better experiences to customers, we also deliver gains measured in increased sales or revenue. 

It becomes easy to see the lift and impact.


Understanding Results

We can zoom in and learn why a specific experience is performing well. 

This is often the moment when our clients realize we found the needle in the haystack. This is usually an idea or combination of ideas they would have never thought of testing and it turns out to be the way to optimize for success. 

We can build on this success by changing the existing project in flight, or by using our learnings to inform new projects.


Sustaining Growth

We can explore new ideas, while continuing to improve in each of the areas we previously identified. We are changing an optimization in flight without disrupting it, continuing to make money along the way. This is something only Evolv can do.

If something in our environment changes, the AI engine can sense that and adjust accordingly. That could simply be customer behavior reverting to the mean, because they get used to the new look. Or it could be external factors, like COVID-19 hitting your business and your site getting a ton of traffic from baby boomers for the first time.


The Journey Continues

We come full circle—using the learnings from our last optimization to inform a new one.
We continue to develop and improve existing optimizations, and to create new ones to explore new funnels, pursue new goals, or serve new audiences.


“With Evolv, we got meaningful insights and results in just two months for what would have taken us nine years using traditional A/B testing solutions. By being able to test many ideas for improving our experience at scale, we’re learning three times faster and achieving major increases in our conversion rates.”

Mark Tijssen, Product Owner CRO, Landal GreenParks

Let Evolv find your needle and serve the best digital experience every time.